New Dawn of Love

She looked out of the window every night hoping she would get to meet him again. It had been almost a year since Aarav had left the city for his graduation. Seerat knew him since she was a little girl, they had spent almost all of their childhood together. She never realized when was it that she caught feelings for him, though she couldn’t manage telling him what she felt.

It was the last day before he was heading to the airport when she found it hard to let him go, it was an instant pain that she felt deep down her heart knowing that he won’t be around her now, they won’t meet every night near the garden of their house and stare at the stars. Those moments spent with him were one of the most beautiful feelings she had ever experienced, that was the only time when she could manage holding his hands while he used to be busy talking his heart out. 

She wanted to tell him, before he had left, she wanted to express her heart out, tell him every bit of it, she wanted him to know that she’d miss every moment she had spent with him since years and she wanted to ask him he’d miss her too but she just couldn’t manage to find the right words. 

Every night when Aarav used to stand by the tree surrounding her house after the dinner as she used to spot him right at that spot & they’d walk till the garden. She didn’t know how had she managed to spend a whole year without him, guys have been trying to woo her since long, she had even rejected quite a few proposals because she always assumed that Aarav felt the same way for her, that she just can’t cheat on him even if she hadn’t expressed her feelings. 

A year without him had taught her how difficult it was for her to hide everything from him for so long. It was finally the day when he arrived that she wanted to tell him, what she felt but as soon as he saw her, he hugged her & tried hard to hide his tears, but she knew him well. 

She finally managed to ask him what has happened & when he finally told her the truth, Seerat felt like she lost a part of her, the whole year she kept missing Aarav while he had fell in love with a girl named Shweta, they had been in a relationship all along but a month back Aarav had caught her kissing a guy of his class. He was heartbroken, he didn’t know how to deal with it all. Seerat kept listening to him, trying to comfort him, ignoring her own feelings even though she knew that she was broken too. 

About a month had passed since Aarav had come back home, it was his last week of holidays. He had spent most part of it with Seerat while she never let him go out of his sight, he had slowly started getting over his feelings for Shweta. They had went shopping when Seerat left her phone in the bag and went to select a dress for her. 

Her phone beeped, Aarav tapped on her phone to turn it on, as he was checking what was the notification about, she found diary entries under his name. He was curious to read what Seerat had written but he knew she won’t let him read it. He shared a copy on his phone deleted the share history so she couldn’t figure it out if someone had used her phone. 

Aarav spent that whole night reading every entry she had kept under his name, he read how she fell in love with him but never told him about it, she had even expressed how she’d felt when she got to know about Shweta. Aarav couldn’t believe what he had just read, it was difficult for him to process it all. He just wanted to see her, it was 4 am in the morning when he called her, Seerat picked up his 3rd call worried about him. 

He just told her that he wanted to meet her near the garden. As soon as Seerat arrived he hugged her, in a way he had never did, Seerat’s heart beats turned heavy as she found it hard to breathe yet she felt so safe being in his arms that she couldn’t let go but the moment she had Shweta’s thought in her mind she tried to distant herself but he didn’t let her go, he kissed her on her forehead as he told her that he had read every entry of hers & why did she never confessed. Aarav told her, that she was the best thing that ever happened to him, that he felt for her the same way but he just thought he didn’t deserve her and he was too afraid to lose her friendship. 

That morning, they saw the sunrise together, holding hands, being in each other’s arms. It was indeed their new dawn of love.

-by Sanket

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