It hurts when you feel that you are not special anymore

It’s so hard to see you move on so quickly and don’t even think a single second about me anymore, while I’m laying here, crying my eyes out and overthinking why we needed to end up like this.

But I should’ve seen it coming within the years, because you had so many close friends near you, while I was miles away from you and we barely saw each other.

You didn’t need another best friend, you already had some and they treated you well, so I always questioned myself "Where do I fit in?" and I guess I know my answer now.

We were never meant to be, we just had some good years together and then, out of a sudden, you didn’t need me anymore and abruptly stopped talking to me without an explanation, like all the others did.

My heart stopped beating the second you left my life forever, but at the other second it started beating again, because it knows, it was beating before you, so why does it need to stop beating after you?

Of course it still bleeds for you, but it’s getting better.

I handle the pain better than in the past, it doesn’t ruin me completely like before, I just know how to use it better than before and that’s kinda powerful, I think.

Control of the pain.

Kinda sarcastic that I need to do this, isn’t it? Almost hilarious.

Thank you for making me this way, seriously.

Written by Charu

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