It Follows


There's an introvert who enjoy his own life. No one cares when he enters the class and no one is excited to see him when he pass.

But before you judge him, Let me tell you something strange about him. About how he talks to the wall and not answer to any phone calls.

About how he whispers to his own shadow and how he never says to hello anyone.

Until one evening

Just after class, he was rushing back to home but he sense some intruder following him.

he looks back and ask 'who's there?'. It was pitch black, and no one to feel his fear.

He reached home and, tell to 65 old parents about it. His parents said the 100th time 'it's nothing but your shadow why don't you admit?'

He can't sleep all nights.

Every day after class, he was getting follow by an unknown presence and like everytime he looks back with his own shadow staring at him.

But one day he decided to find the reality. This time he looks back and start walking in opposite track.

And what he saw this time is real.

He just kept running towards home and a voice kept following 'please slow down'

After certain miles, he crashed himself with a car and his parents cried over his grave.

The police kept questioning, 'what happened to your first child?' and all they say is 'we lost him in a car accident' and ever since we lost every child we adopt.

Again they adopt a a child but it is first time they bring a 16 old girl.

But it doesn't matter, She is too getting followed. 

-by Jayesh Gupta 

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