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The Serpent’s Surrender: How Krishna Taught a Lesson to Kaliya
The Fruit of Devotion: How Krishna Rewarded a Kind Woman
The Divine Saree: How Lord Krishna Saved Draupadi from Dishonor
The Gift of Friendship: How Sudama Received Lord Krishna’s Grace
The Lion of Justice: How Lord Narasimha Saved Prahlada from His Evil Father
The Star of Devotion: How Dhruva Became the Pole Star with Lord Vishnu’s Blessing
Bholenath and the Deer: A Moral Tale of Lord Shiva
Ganesha and the Cat: A Story of Compassion and Forgiveness
The Lesson of Humility and Harmony: How Ganesha and Kartikeya Resolved Their Conflict
Ganesha and the Moon: A Story of Humility and Respect