The Gift of Friendship: How Sudama Received Lord Krishna’s Grace

Sudama was a poor Brahmin who lived in a hut with his wife and children. He was a childhood friend of Lord Krishna, who was the king of Dwarka and the supreme lord of the universe. Sudama and Krishna had studied together under the same guru, Sandipani, and had shared many adventures and joys.

Sudama was very devoted to Lord Krishna, but he never asked him for any help or favor. He was content with his simple life and trusted in God's will. He also did not want to disturb his friend, who was busy with his royal duties and responsibilities.

One day, Sudama's wife suggested that he should visit Lord Krishna and seek his blessing. She said that Lord Krishna would be happy to see him and would surely help him in his poverty. She also gave him a small bundle of flattened rice as a gift for Lord Krishna, knowing that it was his favorite food.

Sudama agreed to go to Dwarka and meet his friend. He set out on foot and reached the magnificent city after many days. He was awestruck by the beauty and splendor of the city and the palace. He felt shy and unworthy to enter the palace, but he gathered his courage and asked the guards to announce his arrival.

The guards informed Lord Krishna that a poor Brahmin named Sudama had come to see him. Lord Krishna immediately recognized his name and ran to welcome him. He embraced him warmly and took him to his private chamber. He washed his feet, offered him a seat, and served him with love and respect.

Sudama was overwhelmed by Lord Krishna's affection and hospitality. He felt as if he had gone back to his childhood days, when they used to play together without any care for the world. He forgot all about his poverty and misery, and only enjoyed the company of his friend.

Lord Krishna asked Sudama about his life and family. Sudama did not want to complain or ask for anything, so he just said that he was fine by God's grace. He also did not mention the bundle of flattened rice that he had brought for Lord Krishna, feeling that it was too insignificant a gift for him.

Lord Krishna noticed the bundle and snatched it from Sudama's hand. He opened it and exclaimed with joy that it was his favorite food. He ate a handful of it and thanked Sudama for his gift. He ate another handful and said that he was very pleased with Sudama. He ate a third handful, but before he could eat more, his wife Rukmini stopped him. She said that one handful was enough to grant all the worldly riches to Sudama, two handfuls were enough to grant him all the spiritual riches, and three handfuls were enough to grant him liberation from the cycle of birth and death. She said that there was no need for more, as Sudama was already blessed by Lord Krishna's friendship.

Lord Krishna smiled and agreed with Rukmini. He then spent some more time with Sudama, reminiscing about their old memories and laughing at their jokes. He then bid farewell to Sudama, saying that he would always be his friend and well-wisher.

Sudama left Dwarka with a heavy heart, but also with a lot of gratitude and joy. He did not ask for anything from Lord Krishna, nor did he expect anything in return for his gift. He was happy just to see his friend and receive his love.

As he reached his village, he was shocked to see a huge mansion instead of his hut. He saw his wife and children dressed in fine clothes and jewels, waiting for him at the gate. They told him that as soon as he had left for Dwarka, everything had changed for them. They had become rich and prosperous by some divine miracle.

Sudama realized that this was Lord Krishna's doing. He had rewarded him for his devotion and friendship without him asking for anything. He thanked Lord Krishna from the bottom of his heart and prayed to him with tears in his eyes.

He then entered his mansion with his family, but he did not let the wealth change his character or attitude. He remained humble, generous and faithful to Lord Krishna. He also shared his wealth with others who were in need and helped them in their troubles.

He lived happily ever after with his family, enjoying both the material and spiritual blessings of Lord Krishna.

The moral of the story is that one should always have love and loyalty towards one's friends, especially towards Lord Krishna, who is the best friend of all living beings. One should also be content with what one has and not be greedy or envious of others. Lord Krishna knows what is best for everyone and fulfills their desires according to their karma and devotion.

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