The Serpent’s Surrender: How Krishna Taught a Lesson to Kaliya

Kaliya was a poisonous serpent who lived in the Yamuna river. He had a hundred hoods and each hood had a bright gem on it. He was so venomous that his poison had contaminated the water of the river and killed all the fish and plants. Even the birds and animals that drank from the river died. The people of Vrindavan were afraid of him and avoided going near the river.

One day, Krishna, who was a young boy then, decided to teach Kaliya a lesson. He jumped into the river and started swimming. He made a loud splash that attracted Kaliya's attention. Kaliya was furious that someone had dared to enter his territory. He came out of the water and wrapped his coils around Krishna. He tried to squeeze him to death.

But Krishna was not an ordinary boy. He was the supreme lord in human form. He expanded his body and broke free from Kaliya's grip. He then climbed on top of Kaliya's head and started dancing on his hoods. He pressed his feet so hard that Kaliya felt unbearable pain. He also played his flute while dancing, which enchanted everyone who heard it.

Kaliya realized that he was no match for Krishna. He begged for mercy and asked him to spare his life. Krishna agreed to spare him on one condition: that he should leave the Yamuna river and never harm anyone again. Kaliya agreed and promised to go away with his wives and children to another place. Krishna then blessed him and left him.

The people of Vrindavan were overjoyed to see Krishna safe and sound. They also thanked him for freeing them from the terror of Kaliya. They celebrated his victory by singing and dancing with him.

Moral: God protects those who are good and punishes those who are evil.

The end.
Image credit: Martin Sanchez

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