The Fruit of Devotion: How Krishna Rewarded a Kind Woman

One day, a fruit seller came to the village where Krishna lived. She was carrying a basket full of ripe and juicy fruits. She called out, "Fruits, fruits, come and buy my fruits!"

Krishna, who was a little boy then, heard her voice and ran out of his house. He wanted to buy some fruits for himself and his mother. He looked around and found some grains of rice in a pot. He thought, "I will give these grains to the fruit seller in exchange for some fruits."

He took a handful of rice and ran towards the fruit seller. But on the way, he dropped some grains as he was running too fast. He did not notice this and reached the fruit seller with only a few grains in his hand.

He said to her, "Aunty, please give me some fruits. I have brought these grains for you." He opened his hand and showed her the grains.

The fruit seller was a kind and pious woman. She saw that Krishna had only a few grains in his hand, but she also saw that he had a divine glow on his face. She thought, "This is no ordinary child. He must be a god in disguise. I am blessed to have him come to me."

She smiled and said, "Sure, my dear. You can have as many fruits as you want. Just put the grains in my basket." She handed him her basket and said, "Take whatever you like."

Krishna was delighted. He put the grains in her basket and took some fruits. He thanked her and ran back to his house.

The fruit seller was about to leave when she noticed something amazing. Her basket was full of precious jewels instead of grains. She realized that Krishna had rewarded her for her generosity and faith. She felt grateful and happy.

She said, "Thank you, Lord Krishna, for your grace. You have given me more than I deserve. You are the true giver of all fruits." She bowed down to him and went on her way.

Moral: God rewards those who are generous and faithful.

Image credit: Cristina Anne Costello

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