The Star of Devotion: How Dhruva Became the Pole Star with Lord Vishnu’s Blessing

Dhruva was a young prince who was the son of King Uttanapada and Queen Suniti. He had a stepmother named Suruchi and a stepbrother named Uttama. Suruchi loved Uttama more than Dhruva and always favored him over Dhruva. She also wanted Uttama to become the next king instead of Dhruva.

One day, Dhruva saw his father sitting on his throne with Uttama on his lap. He also wanted to sit on his father's lap and ran towards him. But Suruchi stopped him and scolded him. She said that he had no right to sit on his father's lap or to aspire for the throne, because he was not born from her womb. She said that if he wanted to sit on his father's lap, he had to pray to Lord Vishnu and get a boon from him.

Dhruva was hurt by Suruchi's words and felt angry and sad. He went to his mother Suniti and told her what had happened. Suniti consoled him and advised him to follow Suruchi's advice. She said that Lord Vishnu was the supreme lord of the universe and the protector of all beings. She said that if he prayed to Lord Vishnu with sincerity and devotion, he would surely bless him with whatever he desired.

Dhruva decided to follow his mother's advice and left the palace to go to the forest. He met a sage named Narada on the way, who guided him to a sacred spot where he could meditate on Lord Vishnu. Narada also taught him a mantra to chant while meditating.

Dhruva reached the spot and started meditating on Lord Vishnu. He chanted the mantra with such concentration and devotion that he forgot everything else. He did not care about hunger, thirst, heat, cold or any other distraction. He only wanted to see Lord Vishnu and get his blessing.

Lord Vishnu was pleased with Dhruva's devotion and appeared before him after six months of meditation. He touched Dhruva's head with his conch shell and blessed him with divine knowledge and vision. He also granted him the boon that he would become a great king on earth and after his death, he would become a bright star in the sky, around which all the other stars would revolve.

Dhruva was overjoyed to see Lord Vishnu and thanked him for his grace. He also realized that he had become free from all worldly desires and attachments. He did not want the throne or his father's lap anymore. He only wanted to serve Lord Vishnu and worship him.

Lord Vishnu told Dhruva to return to his kingdom and rule it with righteousness and justice. He also told him that his father, stepmother and stepbrother would welcome him with love and respect. He also assured him that he would always be with him and protect him.

Dhruva followed Lord Vishnu's instructions and returned to his kingdom. He found that everything had changed for the better. His father was happy to see him and embraced him warmly. His stepmother apologized for her harsh words and treated him kindly. His stepbrother became his friend and supported him.

Dhruva became a great king who ruled his kingdom with wisdom and compassion. He was loved by all his subjects and respected by all other kings. He never forgot Lord Vishnu and always worshipped him with devotion.

After many years, when Dhruva grew old, he left his body and ascended to the sky as a bright star. He became known as Dhruva Nakshatra or the Pole Star, which is still visible in the night sky as a symbol of steadfastness and devotion.

The moral of the story is that one should always have faith in Lord Vishnu and seek his guidance in all situations. One should also be humble, patient and forgiving towards others, even if they are unkind or unfair. Lord Vishnu rewards those who have these qualities with happiness, peace and glory.

Image credit: Chantal & Ole

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