Love and Promise

Sitting on the cold, dirty floor of city jail was a teenage boy. His dirty blonde hair was ruffled from stress and his face buried in his hands. In the jail cell beside his, a girl stood resting against the wall. A strand of her midnight hair was wrapped loosely around her finger and her face shone with boredom.

"I'm sorry," The boy said. "I got you involved in my problems. I shouldn't have done that."

"Nick," the girl breathed as if she'd already said this hundreds of times. " You did nothing wrong. "

Nick, raised his head looking towards the source of her voice. "But Fran, since you helped me try to shoplift that food for my family this arrest will go on your record as well."

"So?" Fran asked. The strand of hair fell back into place as she engaged in the conversation. "One petty arrest won't hurt. This was serious your family hasn't ate a decent meal in three days."

"What about your goals? Your dreams? This arrest could cost you your future. I don't wanna be the cause of that." Nick's voice trailed off, sadness evident in his tone.

A silence fell over them as Fran picked up her next words. "Well, you're more important." She sunk to the floor as a sigh escaped her lips. "There's a handful of possibilities for me. Besides I've a couple of years before it really matters. What does matters is now, and you and your family's problems are apart of that."

Nick listened quietly, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth, a nervous habit he's developed. "Promise."

"Promise, what?"

"Promise me that when you say its not my fault and everything will be okay, you really mean it."

Fran smiled lightly shaking her head. "I promise."


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