Behind Blue Eyes

The land was barren, as it has been for almost half a decade. After the 2nd civil war and the consequent 3rd world war, there wasn't much left of people or clean spaces.

"So what now?" He said looking at my eyes with his bright blue eyes.

"We will remain together in the path to the next oasis, then we see from there." I needed him to survive, not that I can't survive on my own, is just that this was pretty much impossible without someone, to look after, to guard each other, to... Nevermind. In the mear oasis, I would find someone to come with me, and he probably will too.

"We should find some shelter," he said.

"Are you sure? The next safe place it's just about 30 minutes from here, and... It's over John. You shouldn't have done that. I don't know if I can trust you, not after you killed that girl." I pondered, thinking we could talk

"You've killed too!" He said frantically looking at me with those sky blue eyes. Except they looked like a huge storm coming in.

"Not because they fucking stole our food. Not because they wanted to just survive. Every time I shot a gun, or threw a knife, or slit a throat, was because mine or your life was endangered, not because of a fucking loaf of bread, that wouldn't make a difference to us." I stopped and breathed, trying to calm myself, but it was in vain. "We shared beds, we were more than just two guys, roaming and ravaging the wasteland from one haven to the next, searching for food and shelter."

"How can you not trust me? As you said, we shared beds, we were more than just two guys, roaming and ravaging the wasteland from one haven to the next, searching for food and shelter. I wouldn't do that to you." He said, crying. Should I? No? Maybe? No.

"Let's go before it gets too late and darkens here" Knowing him, he wouldn't stop talking. But he did

The more time passed the denser the vibe got, to the point that I had no idea if we ever speaking. The thought that he would just murder me in sleep if I stopped having any use for me was too massive to just ignore it, for my mental health.

I could see the buildings, of the clear area near. It was time. The sun would set in 40 minutes, and every minute spent in the open at night was a death sentence. Well, I've learned that even stealing bread was.

I remember every moment with him, so I knew he won't do that to me, but that girl with a slit throat still haunted my dreams. We got to the city, the guards saying that we almost would be locked out since a bikers gang storm the town near the end of the day. Just as he said that the sound of motor engines got to the gates. The guard pointed to the nearest inn, and we moved there.

"Two rooms, please" I asked the man behind the counter.

"So this is goodbye." John said

"Yes" I said giving him his key. "So goodbye."

-by kaiob921

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