Do this and you will never be asked out again by any guy at the office

I'm an attractive woman but want nothing to do with the guys that I work with. They brag about women that they have scored with and I find this behavior to be juvenile and more like a frat party environment than a work place. This one guy Mark bet his friends that he would score with me and I thought to myself, wait till he meets my great uncle Charles who is a retired marine. He will not think about it after meeting him.

We agreed to meet at Orlando Springs which is the local swimming hole and have lunch. He has no idea that 30 family members are showing up to meet him. They will position themselves, so he can't easily leave or quietly slip away.

Right as we are sitting down to eat lunch, the family arrives. Mark puts his hand on my arm and my Uncle Charles taps him on the shoulder and says, "Don't even think about it."

Mark turns around rather surprised. I introduce him to my Uncle who says laughs and says he's kidding.

"Nice to meet you. When Maxine goes on a date, it's a tradition in our family for everyone to meet her date and to see if he's a suitable partner for marriage. "

Uncle Charles rings a bell and yells, "Come meet Maxine's date."

I know that Mark wants to escape, to leave, get out but he can't because family is everywhere. I introduce him to my 3 older brothers, one of whom is a professional wrestler and the other two are built like football players.

We have lunch that my Aunt Clara made. She hugs him and says, "Welcome to the family." I see him cringe when she hugs him and I laugh.

There were several picnic tables that the family sat at and Mark well, he's trying to figure out a way to leave but he can't. He's basically stuck with 30 of my family members. This wasn't his idea of a date. He basically has no interest in what they are saying. It's all I can do not to laugh.

After lunch, several family members follow us down to the swimming area and watched as I got into the water and swam around. Mark had no interest in swimming, especially with everyone around watching his every move. He wanted to make his moves on me in the swimming area earlier but now I can see that he has wasn't a happy camper. Oh well. He didn't go into the water.

After 2 hours, he may up some excuse and when he left, my brothers followed him back to his car chattering away. He wasn't listening to them as he was ticked. What was he going to tell his buddies at work. He forgot that he had put the phone on recording, so all his buddies saw that he didn't get lucky.

When he left, my family burst into laughter. I had friended one of the girlfriends of one of the guys that I worked with. I also recorded the event.

I could hear Mark saying some choice words to his friends and co-workers who were laughing about the date. He was so angry that he started yelling and cursing at them. I just laughed. It was so funny. This happened on a Saturday.

It was a joke in our family that if you wanted to get rid of a date, sent the family to go on the date and have them show up later. They saved me this time. This was the only time that I did this.

I went back to work and Mark barely talked to me after that. None of the guys talked to me after that unless it was worked related. That how I want it.

-by baronesslucy

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