I died in 2021

"I died in 2021. I lived a decent life. At least, I think I did. I was born February 19th, 1995. I lived in Georgia. We had a small house in an old town in the middle of nowhere. My parents ran a small convenience store that brought in just enough money to pay the bills. I had a brother and a sister.

"In school, I didn't make many friends. I was awkward and quiet. Some of teachers recognized my last name, since my brother was in their classes before I was. I was always teased, so I ended up taking it out on my little sister. I made fun of her, and a couple times she even cried.

"I loved my parents but sometimes I was a brat to them. Times like when other kids were getting cars and licenses, but my parents didn't have the money. I remember saying that they weren't doing it because they didn't care about me. And I made snide comments for a couple weeks after that.

"I never went to college. Instead, I got a job as a grocery store assistant manager. My parents were pretty upset that I didn't go to college, but even more upset that I didn't carry on their business.

"My brother was in a car accident when I was 17 and my sister and I grew apart. I stayed in Georgia with my comfortable job, while she moved away, got a degree, and became some kind of designer. Interior Decoration, mom said.

"I did meet a girl when I was 22. She was pretty. And she was nice, I guess. But mainly pretty. She and I were together for a while. Then I found out that she was pregnant. The kid was mine, but I wasn't ready to be a parent. I stopped seeing her, but I did send her child support every month.

"My parents passed away and their shop was torn down. They built some fast food place on the lot to replace it. My sister didn't come to the funeral and only a few people showed to grieve.

"I developed a bad cough shortly after the funeral. My breathing started to get short and strained. My chest was constantly stinging. They found out that the chemicals in my vape were damaging my lungs. Eventually, I died. And now, I'm here."

"Do you know where you are?"

"I'm assuming this is heaven? Or purgatory... I'm being judged, right?"

"You are being judged, yes. But this isn't Purgatory. This is real. Most of the time our patients forget, so I'll explain. You've been in a simulation for 48 hours. You are 18 years old. The year is 2036. Due to overpopulation, we have decided to test individuals through a simulation of life. We observe your actions and take note of your skills and accomplishments. When it is over, we decide if you are worthy."

"Worthy of what?"

"A space in this world. We've decided that you are not."

"You... Wait, you what?"

"Based on what you've shown us, you do not have anything to add to our world. No social skills, no drive, no pride... You did not even parent your own child. We've decided that you don't deserve a life in our world."

-by BouyHowdy

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