Room No. 243

I know you must have start assuming a room with untold truths. But there's something about it that you don't even know about how a day doesn't feel bright and night doesn't feel right

'Hey George, don't run.' I hear my mother yelling at me for the 5th time and the 6th time won't be yelling but a beating

So I catch my breath and enter the new room of mine 

A new residency apartment located far away in dense forest and we are the first family to book a home and start a new life

Room no.243  that's our room 

At start, I used to feel a lot empty because I don't have any siblings and no friends. Most of the times I talk to myself, playing football alone. 

Things were pretty quiet good and I turn 18 old and my family is the only one living there for months and years.

I used to ask my mum many a times, "Why are we alone yet?"

"Hushhh!! Child you are not alone." that's what she used to say 

Until one morning 

As soon as I opened my eyes, I can smell something like rotten pig with my parent’s body lying on floor cold as ice. 

It just feel like nightmare so I pinch my thick skin and I keep continuing that until I don't wake myself but I cannot.

I dial 911 and the cops came in no time. They say "I'm a psychopath and I poison them." and what they don't know is about the room which takes away your loved ones.

"I didn't, please listen to me." but they continue to stop calling me murderers

Because they weren't wrong, at some point I realize it was my fault. because I was the one who gave them a glass of water last night which they swallow down their throats.

"Yes, I killed them, they are not my real parents" I confess

They questioning eyes of policemen piercing right through my eyes

"Yes, I turn them into ice because they deserve.

They burnt my real parents alive, for this land property in this room 

and always treat me as an orphanage but I ain't alone,

this room help me to commit this crime"

They charge me under first degree murder and sentence me to death. I'm not ashame

because I know my mum is always there

whispering "Hushhh, you're not alone."

-by Jayesh Gupta

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