Slim People

They were childhood friends, Nitish and Karan. They did not go to school together because of their backgrounds. Nitish was Rich and had those things that he desired but Karan Only had desires of things that he couldn't have. Nitish was in a superior and excellent English Medium school but Karan was in a Government school where he would get lunch for free as mid-day meals.

Their friendship was perfect because kids see no family background, no status, and no reason to be friends. They only need a person to be friends with. But As they became grownups they learn how different their world is. Still, they fought it and they never left each other, though there were some challenges. Karan never had any girlfriends and always doing Jobs Nitish always had a new girl every week he always doing parties and also good in the education field too.

Karan never makes too much time to meet Nitish because he has always been busy at making money although he barely makes money to pay his bills. But every time they meet each other it was raw and real. They had a lot of friends, Nitish had his type of friends Rich, with status and elite they say. Karan had his type of friends like Poor, hard-working and daydreamers but they never had any friends like each other.

One night, As they both walking on the street, coming from a bar having some drinks together, It was their birthdays, both had birthdays on the same day It was one of the reasons, they had this wonderful friendship in the first place. Karan was very happy he liked someone at the bar.

"How could you not see her she was the most beautiful waitress in the whole bar?" Karan asked.

"I really didn't, they all were beautiful though" Nitish answered.

"She was slim, dark brown eyes, brown hair, wearing a beautiful Bracelet and with the most beautiful voice, just like my type. You know I always like Slim People, Always." Karan tries to explain to Nitish with details but Nitish does not get it. Though, She wasn't handling their table but still Karan falls for her but didn't get the guts to ask her out. So Nitish tries to help him out. He finds out her mobile number and gives it to Karan. Her name was Sneha, she was poor like Karan always working and had only desires of things that she could not have. Always working but still barely make money to pay her bills.

Karan tries very hard to make time to meet her. Sneha was ready to meet him and they meet.

"Hey, How are you doing?" Karan asked.

"Fine, How are you doing?" She answered and repeated the question.

"Well, After meeting you…….Great." He blushed and She smiled too. They talk to each other for a long time and their date goes better than they both expected.

After that, Karan called Nitish and just would not stop talking about her and told every little detail about Sneha to Nitish and he said "I think I am in Love." He ends the call. As Nitish got away from call he got a message from Sneha.

The next day, When Karan tries to make a call to Sneha, She did not pick her phone, and When He goes to meet her, She was busy. It hurts him a little but he understands how the work is, but still, he feels hurt and little pain in his heart.

At Night, Nitish asked Karan to come to a restaurant and have dinner with him and he did. As they both talked about how their day was Karan sees Sneha coming to their table. He smiled As he was hoping to see her all day and now she was there, he said "Thank You" to Nitish as he thought that he asked him to came so he can surprise him.

Karan’s face was full of hope and he was very happy to see her. Sneha comes and sits beside Nitish. Karan picks up the vibe from the table and understand what was exactly is going to happen. Karan’s face change look from hope to sad and afraid.

"Karan we want to talk to about something," Nitish said with a fearful look on his face.

"Okay, tell me," Karan said with a weak voice like he knew what was happening as he was staring at Sneha's face. Sneha, who did not have spoken a word from the movement she was there. Her eyes were down, not looking at anything other then empty space on the table it's like she doesn't want to be part of this.

“I know this is weird and I don’t want to do this either but I love you, You know that, Right? And nothing can change us, Right?” Nitish start this conversation with speech he thought he would give to Karan but Karan just replied with little “Hmm”. Nitish looked at Sneha she was silent and He took deep breath and Said “Sneha and I have talked after she met you and We think that we like each other more than she like you and I don’t want to start a relationship without your……..

“Can I use Restroom” Karan interrupt Nitish with low voice his eyes was little watery. “It will take just One Minute I’ll just come.” Karan stands up and goes to the restroom leaving them both alone. Sneha looked at Nitish as she knew what just happened.

They waited, waited and just waited long time Nitish looked at Sneha, Sneha takes sip from her drink as they both realized that Karan is never coming and also knew that They never will be in a relationship.

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