Your love fuels my hatred ~ Chapter 2

I feel extremely bad that he has to sleep on the floor, I thought. Maybe I should go out there and make him sleep on his bed but i feel like that's going to be a losing battle. I wonder why he said he’s used to the floor...well i better not over do anything since he's letting me stay here for the night.

I turned on the light and I started taking off my work uniform which was completely soaking wet. I hung them up on the chair near his computer and I started looking for something to dry my hair. I don’t want to go through his dresser or his closet but I also don't want to soak his pillow with my hair either. As I was debating whether or not to go through his things, I noticed his bathroom door was open. Great there has to be a towel in there! I thought, I made my way to the restroom and I turned on the light, I found the towel hanging on the towel rack when I noticed something strange.

I saw his Medicine cabinet but it was open, I mean completely open, as in the mirror that's supposed to be like a door for the cabinet is missing… Why would he remove it?

I awoke to the sun making its way in the room and I let out a loud yawn. I checked my phone and I saw that it was 7:10AM, great. I still have time for breakfast, I thought. I quickly got up from the bed and I walked out the door to see Jason still sleeping on the floor. I noticed that he kicked his blanket off himself, so I was going to put the blanket back on him, when I looked down.

I realized that I was only in my underwear, so I quickly ran back to the room and I fell hard on my knee, “Ugh...that really hurt.” I said quietly. I looked at my work clothes but they’re still wet, “Dammit, what the hell am I gonna wear?”, I thought. I looked at his drawer, I really don’t want to go through his drawers but I really don't have a choice. I promised myself to close my eyes, open a drawer and pull out the first shirt I feel.

I counted to three, one...two...three! I quickly opened the drawer and pulled out a shirt. This shirt looked to be too big for Jason and It had a (dog) pug’s face on it , “This is so cute!” I chuckled. I quickly put it on and left the room. Jason was still asleep and still the blanket was off of him, so I went to put the blanket on him. I actually got a good look at him now,

He has very light brown skin and a lot of hair on his stomach and chest...gross, I teased but then I noticed how muscular he was, I mean his chest and stomach are so defined and I looked at his face and his jawline is so stern. His hair is the only problem tho, I wish he get rid of that crew cut, it doesn't suit him,

I Jumped out of my skin when he turned over because I thought he woke up but I noticed his back. All I could see were a bunch of scars on his back, I was shocked at first, then I pulled up my shirt to reveal the scars on my thighs. “Damn them for what they did to us.” I said quietly.

I Checked my phone, “Oh god, how the hell is it 8:40, what was I doing?’ I shouted. I Went to the room and was about to grab my work clothes but I realized something, if I grab my work clothes, then there would be no reason for us to see each other again. I had to think fast so I grabbed a post it note from his desk, wrote down my address, told him since my washer and dryer were broken if he could wash and dry them for me and drop them off at my place tonight. Which is an obvious lie but I really want to see him again.

I grabbed my keys from my work pants and ran out of the bedroom, to see Jason getting up. He started blushing and quickly tried to cover the middle part of his underwear and he fell back. I started laughing and told him I had to go and to read the post note. I ran out of the apartment and quickly ran to my car, until we meet again... Jason Hernandez

Written by Imdumb

Chapter 3 will be posted soon. 

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