The Negation Pill was invented on September 7th, 1945. Hans Bethe, one of the Physicists working on the Manhattan Project began work on a pill on March 4, 1943, that would negate emotions and feelings but wouldn't negate basic motor function. After seeing what Hitler had been doing, he realized what humans were capable of and wanted to permanently get rid of the danger of people like him.  He hired a chemist, Edwin McMillan, to work with him and although it took 2 years, they had finally made it.

Although Hitler was dead, another unredeemable, vile man was still alive in Russia. 4 years later, a spy was sent to Russia and put the pill in Stalin's drink. A month later he was admitted to Psikhushka and a year later died of the common cold. Soon after that, the U.S Navy and Marines invaded Russia. 200,000 people were executed that day for following Stalin.

5 years later every Russian had taken the negation as a "precaution" along with half of Germany's population. By the end of the 50's, all of Europe had taken the pill. It was suggested by President Eisenhower and the suggestion was well received by Europe's leaders. Then, November 22, 1963, Kennedy was shot. Lyndon B. Johnson then decreed with the approval of the House, Senate, and Congress, that all Americans take the pill.

That was the breaking point for most. People emigrated, they protested and rioted, some even took their own life, but those who were alive eventually took the pill. Today, it is December 31st, 2090. I live in the only pill free country in the world, Canada, and now the world is at war with itself. Everyone who hasn't taken a pill were politicians, scientists, and engineers, everyone else is a mindless drone who either works for the non-negated or was beaten to a pulp. 

It was bad in America, but some countries were worse. The negated are used as target practice in Afghanistan, in Iceland they are used as anchors for ships, and in India you can buy a chunk of meat for 5 rupees. However, things in the states were starting to heat up. Politicians were talking of invading canada but they know we can fight back, we're not braindead. 

The company that produces the pills, Bethe Corp, has basically taken over the world. You see their propaganda and slogan everywhere, "No thoughts, Head Empty". They allow certain people to not take the pill, Oskar Schindler, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Seuss, and Jim Henson are a few. A person has to take the pill when they're 30, unless they meet one of the previous criteria. 

The only place I found solace in this shit world was in a little book decades old. It was entitled "Robert Frost Collection". Somethings that had been banned by Bethe Corp were books, music, movies, and poetry, so this was risky as hell. A friend of mine had been executed for watching Casablanca, so I wasn't taking any chances. This book has stopped me from taking the damn pill and essentially ruining my life, but I don't think that will be an option. A politician from Germany came to help with the Canada problem. His name was Floda Reltih and he brought 400,000 negated with him.

It's 4 pm now and I can hear the boots stomping through the mud towards my house. Gunshots and screaming were blending together until both sounded the same. They're in my house now and running up the stairs, they shoot for 6 seconds and the screams of my family are deafening. More running, and then they stop for a beat. Gas began coming through the ventilation and I started choking. I begin tearing up and my visions goes blurry as my door is smashed open and I see dark shapes run and shove a pill down my throat.

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