I just miss the way you made me feel

I can’t let you go that easily.
I’ve tried so hard but failed.

I see you in every person I walk past.
I smell your fragrance everywhere.
I still hear your laugh in my ears.
And every time I think I heard your voice, my heart stops for a second.

It’s hard to not feel your arms around my body.
It’s hard to not see your sleepy smile every morning anymore.
It’s hard to not talk to you every day anymore.
And it’s hard to not hear your stupid jokes anymore, ‘cause they always made me laugh.

I forgot to breathe.
I forgot to be happy.
I forgot all my words.
And the worst part, I forgot to live since you left.

You’ve become my happiness and my inspiration.
You took my heart and you made it yours.
You’re the only one that I’ll ever want.
And I don’t believe in happy ever after you.

Written by Charu

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