No texts, No calls, Nothing, But here I'm thinking about you

It’s midnight and my mind is racing, racing about you and me.

How could we end up from hundreds of messages and calls per day to zero per day?

We were always there for each other, but out of a sudden you left.

You left and took my heart.

I have nothing left, just the thought of you keeps me alive.

With you, everything made sense, life was easier and now it’s getting heavier.

I wish I could find somebody new like you did, but I could never love the same.

I could never do the things with the new lover that we did together, it wouldn’t be the same.

Your love can’t be replaced nor erased.

I can’t love somebody new,
because I had you.

Written by Charu

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  1. Bohot relatable hai yarr .. 21 June se online nahi hai wo .. 23 June ko birthday tak ko wish nahi kiya mere .. mai abhi bhi wait kar raha hu uske text ka ..��❤️