Note to self: Don't re-read old conversations, they can break you even more

I caught myself strolling through our old conversations while I was sobbing - not for the first time.

We were meant to be, we’ve done everything together and now?
Look at us - we are ignoring each other and are strangers again.

Of course I’m hurt but you don’t seem like it. I’m the only one who still suffers for you and it’s tearing me apart.

How could I ever forget us?
Our long late night conversations about the sun and the moon, of how much the moon loves the sun that it dies every day to let it shine and how the sun dies down every night to let the moon shine, so that the people out there can adore it, just like the sun do.

How could I ever be at the same places again, where we used to go?
Every time I past one, I instantly think about you and how great it would be to be with you right here and just be our stupid self's.

And how could I ever find another person as stupid and funny like you?
With you everything felt so easy and I was myself, but now, it’s nothing like that anymore.

My life changed in seconds when you left me.

Written by Charu

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