If you could read my mind, you'll be in tears

My mind is spinning.
Can’t control my thoughts.
Overthinking again.

Am I enough?
For you? My friends? My family?

Am I deserving this?
Love? Trust? Happiness?

Have I disappointed?
You? My parents? My friends?

What have I done in my life to deserve all this?
Failures, pain, losses, trust issues, a broken heart, a broken soul, fears, shattered dreams.

Can I ever be truly happy again?
Without the fear of losing it again?
Can I?

Do all the things with joy like in the good old days?

I hope so.
I pray so.

Only God has my back and I’m glad about it, because he is the only one I can trust in my healing process. He knows what he is doing.

Written by Charu

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