A Dead Body

One day suddenly a security guard found a dead body on the stairs of the City Center Mall. The security guard was horrified when he saw that. Frightened, he immediately called the police. He was very scared and could not even speak properly in the call. He said to the police, “Hello, come here quickly. Somebody’s dead body is here. A corpse is in front of me.” Saying this, he immediately disconnected the phone and sat in a chair nearby.

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After some time two police came there and they investigated the body. First they tried to know who was the person? Whose body was lying there?

An ID card was found on the man’s shirt with his name written on it. His name was ‘Mike Williams’, an employee of a company. The police then called Mike’s company and took details of his family members.

Now they had to know who killed Mike and who left him here? They first tried to check CCTV. They went to the security room and there they saw in CCTV that a long haired man completely covering his face and dragging Mike’s corpse. He left the body on stairs. Now all they had was proof that the person who killed Mike is long-haired.

After knowing all this, the policemen went to Mike’s house. On there way home, they told the sad news to Mike’s family. The family was deeply saddened to hear of Mike’s death.

The police then asked Mike’s family members if they knew anyone with long hair. After inquiring thoroughly, they did not find anyone who was long-haired. In such a situation, the police thought of going to Mike’s office. They then went to Mike’s office. There too, they could not find any person whose hair was long. Now policemen tried to find out about all of Mike’s friends. They asked Mike’s cousins, his friends, relatives, etc. but they could not find any clue or information.

Now they were confused as to how to investigate further. In such a situation, both of them thought that those people would place ‘warning notice’ at different places. Both did the same and put a notice everywhere. Days passed after putting the notice but no news was received.

A few days later, suddenly a call was received to those policemen. The person who was in that phone told the policeman that he knows a person whose notice has been placed everywhere. Both of them got up immediately and went to the person.

The man was a barber who cut people’s hair. As soon as the police reached him, the barber said, “I am a barber and cut people’s hair. One day a person came to me who lives nearby. He was very scared and he told me that he would cut his hair. He loved his hair. Whenever I asked him to cut his hair he would get angry immediately. But that day he came and said to cut the hair. I cut his hair short. He also gave me more money. Seeing all this, I got a little suspicious. Then yesterday when I went to the market, I saw the notice you had put, which I understood by seeing that something was wrong. That’s why I called you here. “

After saying all this, the barber revealed the boy’s address. The policemen went to his house and caught him. After questioning well, that boy told the truth and everything he did. The police ask him why he murdered Mike? He then told that Mike was his friend from whom he had taken $20,000. Mike went to get his money back when he had it. He did not want to return the money to Mike. Then he fights with him and killed him. After killing Mike, he left his body on mall’s stairs. Now that killer will spend years in prison.

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  1. hii, can you say who is the author of this story. it was truly amazing

    1. Story is from opensource, author: Anonymous