Detective Oscar

Robert was the owner of a well-known real estate business. He used to build big houses for the people and sometimes he got the work of making big buildings. He was very popular in his area and he had a lot of money. Robert also had a friend named John. The two used to work together. The two started working together. But Robert had the most money out of Robert and John.

One day Robert gets a call threatening to kill him. He considered this phone a small joke and let it go lightly. He only told this to his son William.

Robert died 3 days later. The post-mortem stated that Robert died of a heart attack, but Robert’s son William was not sure that his father had died of a heart attack. Because there was a threatening call few days ago. Because of this, he wanted to know the real truth. He enlisted the help of a detective to find out the truth. Detective’s name was Oscar. William goes to Detective Oscar and tell him the whole thing. Now Detective Oscar went to Robert’s house with his assistant and investigated Robert’s room.

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Oscar’s assistant told him, “Sir, room was locked from the inside and his room is on the third floor. So how can anyone come here? I feel his death was natural”

On hearing his assistant, Oscar said to him, “It is not what it looks like to us.”

Oscar investigated the room carefully watching each of the nuances. While he was investigating near the window, he encountered a strange smell. Detective Oscar asked William, “What is this smell coming of?”

William told him, “A few days ago there was painting work outside the house. It is a smell of paint that is coming from outside.”

Then Oscar peeped outside the window, and there was a ladder made of ropes. Oscar told William, “How many painters were working here?”

“There were three painters working here who have been working here for the last 7 days.” William told Oscar. Detective Oscar had found a new direction in connection with this case, now he knew what he had to do.

Detective Oscar told his assistant, “Go and get information about those three painters.”

The assistant, investigated the painters and collected their complete bio-data. He became well known about the three painters and then he suspected a painter named Leo. Oscar went to Leo’s house. Leo was not there in his house. Leo had left from there. In such a situation, his assistant asked Detective Oscar, “Sir, why do you think this murder was done by the painter, Leo?”

“If you had read the information of the three painters carefully, you would have known. The other two painters have been painting for the last 10 years. But Leo is a painter who started painting only 2 months ago. When I further investigated about Leo, I came to know that he is a well-known criminal who commits a crime by taking money. He has also killed Robert by taking money from someone. This murder is very well planned. Now we just have to find Leo and catch him first, then we will know the truth.” The Oscar told his assistant.

After this, both got involved in the task of finding Leo. Oscar had a lot of people in his network that gave him all kinds of news. He went to a person and told him about Leo. Leo’s address is found 3 days later.

Leo was hiding in room 232 of the Olivia hotel. He catches Leo from the hotel room and takes him to the police. He was taken to the police and jailed. Leo was interrogated well in jail when he told that he had got the money to kill Robert. Leo also told tha Robert was murdered by his friend John.

Leo also describes how he killed the Robert. He said, “One day while I was painting, I saw that the other two painters had gone to eat. Then seeing the opportunity, I climbed the stairs and opened the window and entered his room. The way John told me In the same way, I changed Robert’s medicines. After eating those medicines, he suffered a heart attack. He died in this way.

On receiving this news, the police also caught John and then he was asked why he killed his friend. He told, “Robert was a good friend of mine but was ahead of me in business. He was making more money than me because he had more shares of the company. One day I told him that we would distribute the shares of both the companies equally. This will equal our earnings. Because both of us started working in this company together. He refused to do so and because of this I got him murdered.”

As soon as the truth was revealed, the police put John inside the jail, now he will have to spend in the jail for his whole life.

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