Trying to Erase One’s Mistake!

A kid when started using using pen in middle school, while writing made a mistake. So, before submitting he tried to erase it.

(Image: Joshua Hoehne)

Kid tried to use chalk, but after a while, his mistake were visible again. So, he began to use his saliva to rub out his mistake, it did worked but only to leave holes on his paper.

Kid submitted his work as it is. Because of all this, his notes got dirty and he had to face scolding from his teacher because of dirty work.

One day, another teacher saw same thing in kid notebook.

She asked him, “Why did you try to erase you mistake so much that it made holes in your paper?”

Kid said, “Because i don’t want people to see my mistakes.”

At this teacher laughed and said, “Anytime you make mistake, just cross it and move on. Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your notebook.

Trying to erase your mistake will make more people to know about your mess. So, just cross it and move on. Don’t expose yourself as a result of trying to cover your mistakes.”

(source: moralstories26)

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