A Twist in the Woods: A Tale of Betrayal and Murder

Detective Roy was puzzled. He had been investigating the murder of a wealthy businessman, Mr. Singh, for two weeks, but he had no leads. The only suspect was Mr. Singh's wife, Mrs. Singh, who had a strong alibi. She claimed that she was at a spa resort with her friends on the night of the murder, and she had the receipts and witnesses to prove it.

Roy decided to visit the spa resort and talk to the staff and guests who saw Mrs. Singh. He hoped to find some inconsistency in her story, or some clue that would link her to the crime scene. He drove to the resort, which was located in a secluded area surrounded by hills and forests. He checked in at the reception and asked for the manager.

"Hello, I'm Detective Roy from the Hyderabad Police. I'm here to ask you some questions about one of your guests, Mrs. Singh. She stayed here on the night of September 5th, right?"

The manager nodded nervously. "Yes, sir. She did. Is there a problem?"

Roy showed him his badge and a photo of Mrs. Singh. "I'm afraid so. She's a suspect in a murder case. Do you remember anything unusual about her or her friends?"

The manager shook his head. "No, sir. Nothing at all. They were very polite and friendly. They booked three rooms for two nights. They arrived on September 4th around 6 pm and checked out on September 6th around 10 am. They used the spa facilities, the restaurant, the bar, and the swimming pool. They paid by credit card and left a generous tip."

Roy frowned. "Did they leave the resort at any point during their stay?"

The manager hesitated for a moment, then said, "Well, yes, sir. They did. On September 5th, around 8 pm, they said they wanted to go for a walk in the woods. They asked me for directions to a nearby waterfall. I gave them a map and told them to be careful. It was dark and the path was steep and slippery."

Roy's eyes widened. "A walk in the woods? At night? That's very strange. How long were they gone?"

The manager shrugged. "I don't know, sir. Maybe an hour or two. They came back around 10 pm, I think."

Roy scribbled some notes on his notebook. "Did anyone see them when they came back? Did they look dirty or wet or injured?"

The manager shook his head again. "No, sir. No one saw them. They went straight to their rooms."

Roy thanked the manager and asked him to show him the rooms where Mrs. Singh and her friends stayed. He examined them carefully, looking for any signs of blood or dirt or anything else that could connect them to the murder scene.

He found nothing.

He then interviewed the staff and guests who interacted with Mrs. Singh and her friends during their stay at the resort.

He found nothing.

He then checked the CCTV footage of the resort's entrance and exit.

He found nothing.

He was about to give up when he noticed something odd in one of the footage clips.

It was from September 5th, around 7:45 pm.

It showed Mrs. Singh and her friends leaving the resort in their car.

They were wearing casual clothes and carrying backpacks.

They looked happy and relaxed.

But there was something wrong with the car.

It was not the same car that they arrived in.

It was a different car.

A car that Roy recognized.

A car that belonged to Mr. Singh.

The car that was found abandoned near his body.

Roy felt a surge of adrenaline.

He had found his clue.

He had found his link.

He had found his twist.

He called his partner and told him to arrest Mrs. Singh and her friends immediately.

He explained his theory:

Mrs. Singh had planned to kill her husband for his money and insurance.

She had hired a hitman to do the job.

She had arranged to meet him at the waterfall on September 5th, where she would give him the money and the keys to her husband's car.

She had then swapped cars with him and returned to the resort with her friends, who were in on the scheme.

She had created a perfect alibi for herself.

But she had made one mistake.

She had forgotten to change the license plate of her husband's car.

She had left behind a trace of evidence that Roy had spotted.

She had underestimated his detective skills.

She had failed to fool him.

He had solved the case.

He had caught her red-handed.

The end. 
Image credit: Caleb George

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