Dilemma of Dreams and Love

Anna and Raj met at a college festival where they were both participating in a debate competition. They instantly felt a connection and exchanged phone numbers. They started texting each other every day and soon became good friends. They shared their interests, opinions, dreams, and fears. They also discovered that they had a lot in common: they both loved reading, traveling, and music.

One day, Raj asked Anna if she wanted to go out with him. Anna was thrilled and agreed. They decided to meet at a coffee shop near their college. They had a wonderful time talking, laughing, and getting to know each other better. They felt a spark between them and decided to make it official. They became a couple and started dating.

They were very happy together and enjoyed each other's company. They supported each other in their studies, hobbies, and goals. They also introduced each other to their families and friends, who approved of their relationship. They seemed like a perfect match.

However, things changed when they graduated from college and had to face the reality of life. Raj got a job offer from a multinational company in New York, while Anna got accepted into a prestigious law school in London. They both had to make a choice: either pursue their career opportunities or stay together.

They discussed their options and tried to find a solution. They both wanted to follow their dreams, but they also didn't want to lose each other. They considered long-distance relationship, but they knew it would be hard and challenging. They also thought about moving together to one place, but they didn't want to sacrifice their ambitions or make the other person unhappy.

They realized that they had to make a difficult decision: either break up or stay together.

They decided to break up and go their separate ways. They thought it was the best thing for both of them in the long run. They agreed to remain friends and keep in touch. They hugged each other and said goodbye.

They moved to different countries and started their new lives. They focused on their careers and tried to move on. They met new people and made new friends. They occasionally texted or called each other, but it was not the same as before. They missed each other terribly, but they also respected each other's choices.

They never forgot their first love, but they also never got back together.

The END.
Image Credit: Aaron Burden

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