The Flood and the Heroes: A Moral Story

Ravi and Rani were siblings who lived in a small village in India. They loved to go to school and learn new things. They also loved to play with their friends and help their parents with the chores. They were happy and content with their simple life.

One day, their village was hit by a terrible flood that destroyed many houses and crops. The water level rose rapidly and many people were trapped in their homes. Ravi and Rani managed to escape with their parents and reached a safe place on a hill. They saw many people crying and screaming for help.

They also saw a group of volunteers who were trying to rescue the flood victims. They recognized some of them as real life heroes who had done amazing things for the society. They had read about them in the newspapers and magazines.

One of them was **Dr. Sunitha Krishnan**, who had survived a gang rape when she was 15 years old and dedicated her life to fighting against human trafficking and sexual violence¹. She had rescued thousands of women and children from the clutches of the traffickers and provided them with shelter, education, and counseling.

Another one was **Dashrath Manjhi**, who had spent 22 years of his life carving a road through a mountain with a hammer and a chisel. He had done this to shorten the distance between his village and the nearest town, where he could get medical help for his wife who had died of illness. He had created a path of hope and progress for his people.

A third one was **Irom Sharmila**, who had gone on a hunger strike for 16 years to protest against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), which gave the military sweeping powers to arrest, detain, and kill anyone suspected of being a rebel in the northeastern states of India. She had endured torture, imprisonment, and force-feeding to demand the repeal of the act that violated human rights.

Ravi and Rani were awestruck by these heroes who had sacrificed so much for the greater good. They felt inspired by their courage, determination, and compassion. They decided to join them in their rescue mission and help as much as they could.

They took some ropes, life jackets, and boats from the volunteers and went to the flooded areas. They helped many people to get out of their homes and reach the safe place. They also comforted them and gave them food and water. They worked tirelessly for hours until everyone was rescued.

The volunteers praised Ravi and Rani for their bravery and kindness. They said they were proud of them and called them real life heroes too. Ravi and Rani felt happy and honored. They thanked the volunteers for their guidance and support.

They also thanked God for giving them an opportunity to serve humanity. They realized that being a hero was not about having superpowers or fame, but about having a good heart and a strong will. They vowed to continue their good deeds and make a difference in the world.

The moral of the story is that anyone can be a hero if they have the courage to face challenges, the determination to overcome obstacles, and the compassion to help others in need.

Image credit: NOAA

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