The Halloween Suicide: A Ghostly Trap

It was Halloween night and four friends decided to play a prank on their classmate, Ravi, who lived in a haunted house. They knew he was afraid of ghosts and wanted to scare him out of his wits. They planned to dress up as zombies and sneak into his house through the back door. They also brought a speaker and a flashlight to make some spooky noises and flashes.

They arrived at Ravi's house around midnight and saw that the lights were off. They assumed he was asleep and quietly entered the house. They split up and searched for his bedroom. They found it on the second floor and saw him sleeping on his bed. They decided to surround him and wake him up with a loud scream.

They put on their zombie masks and approached his bed. They turned on the speaker and the flashlight and shouted "Boo!" at the same time. They expected Ravi to jump out of his bed and scream in terror, but instead, he did not move at all. He was lying still on his bed, with blood dripping from his mouth and eyes.

The friends were shocked and horrified. They realized that Ravi was not sleeping, but dead. They removed their masks and tried to check his pulse, but there was none. They saw a knife sticking out of his chest and a note on his pillow. The note read:

"Happy Halloween, you fools. You thought you could prank me, but I pranked you first. I knew you were coming, so I killed myself before you arrived. Now you will be haunted by my ghost for the rest of your lives. Enjoy your trick or treat."

The friends screamed in horror and ran out of the house. They did not notice the shadowy figure that followed them out of the door. It was Ravi's ghost, smiling wickedly. He had tricked them into witnessing his suicide and becoming his murderers. He vowed to haunt them until they joined him in death. He whispered in their ears:

"This is my revenge. This is my horror story."

The end. 
Image credit: Šimom Caban

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