The House of Thieves: A Crime Story

The Shah family had a lavish lifestyle in their spacious bungalow in Mumbai. They had four servants who took care of their household chores, cooking, gardening, and security. The servants seemed loyal and trustworthy, but they had a dark secret. They were part of a gang that specialized in stealing valuable items from rich families and selling them in the black market.

The servants had been working for the Shahs for over a year, and they had gradually gained their trust and access to their rooms. They had also learned the habits and routines of the family members, and knew when they would be out or asleep. They used this knowledge to plan their heists, and stole jewelry, cash, electronics, and antiques from the Shahs without arousing any suspicion. They hid the stolen items in their quarters or smuggled them out of the house when they got a chance.

The Shahs were unaware of the thefts, as they had too many things to keep track of. They also trusted their servants blindly, and never checked their belongings or rooms. They thought they had a happy and harmonious household, but they were living in a fool's paradise.

The servants' luck ran out when one day, Mrs. Shah decided to wear a necklace that she had bought for her anniversary. She went to her locker, where she kept her jewelry, and opened it with a key. To her shock and horror, she found that the locker was empty. All her precious jewels were gone. She screamed and called her husband, who rushed to the scene. He checked his locker, where he kept his cash and documents, and found that it was also empty. He realized that they had been robbed by someone inside the house.

He called the police, who arrived soon after. They questioned the servants, who denied any involvement in the thefts. They claimed that they were loyal and honest, and had no idea how the lockers were opened. The police searched their quarters, but found nothing incriminating. They also checked the CCTV footage of the house, but it was tampered with. The servants had hacked into the system and erased any evidence of their crimes.

The police were puzzled and frustrated. They had no leads or clues to catch the culprits. They suspected that the servants were lying, but they had no proof to arrest them. They decided to keep them under surveillance and wait for them to make a mistake.

Meanwhile, the servants were nervous and scared. They knew that they had been exposed, and that the police were watching them. They decided to flee from the house as soon as possible, and contact their gang leader for help. They packed their bags with some of the stolen items, and waited for an opportunity to escape.

The opportunity came when the Shahs went out for dinner one night. The servants pretended to be busy with their work, but as soon as the Shahs left, they grabbed their bags and ran towards the gate. They hoped to catch a taxi or an auto-rickshaw outside the house, and disappear into the city.

However, as they reached the gate, they were stopped by two policemen who were waiting for them. The policemen had received a tip from an informer who was part of the gang. The informer had betrayed the servants and revealed their identity and plan to the police. He had also told them where they could find the rest of the stolen items.

The policemen arrested the servants and searched their bags. They found jewelry, cash, electronics, and antiques that belonged to the Shahs. They also found keys that could open any locker in the house. The policemen realized that these were master keys that could be made by copying the original keys with wax or clay.

The policemen took the servants to the police station, where they confessed to their crimes under interrogation. They also gave the names and addresses of their gang members, who were arrested later by other teams of police. The police recovered all the stolen items from various locations in the city, and returned them to the Shahs.

The Shahs were relieved and grateful to get back their valuables, but they were also shocked and ashamed to learn that their trusted servants had betrayed them so badly. They realized that they had been naive and careless, and vowed to be more vigilant and careful in future.

They thanked the police for solving the case, and decided to hire new servants after doing a thorough background check on them.

The End
Image credit: Kenny Eliason

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