The Last Message

She stared at the screen, waiting for his reply. He had been online a few minutes ago, but he hadn’t read her message yet. She wondered what he was doing, if he was thinking of her, if he still loved her.

(Image: Adam Ay)
She had sent him a long text, pouring out her heart, telling him how much she missed him, how much she wanted him back, how much she was sorry for what she had done. She had hoped he would forgive her, that he would say he felt the same way, that he would give them another chance.

But he didn’t reply. He didn’t even read her message. He just went offline, leaving her hanging, leaving her in pain.

She felt a surge of anger, mixed with sadness and desperation. She wanted to call him, to hear his voice, to beg him to talk to her. But she knew he wouldn’t answer. He had blocked her number, along with her social media accounts. He had cut off all contact with her, as if she never existed.

She felt tears streaming down her face, as she typed one last message:

“Please, just say something. Anything. I love you.”

She hit send, and waited.

But he never replied.

He never read her message.

He never knew that it was the last message she ever sent.

Because a few hours later, she was gone.

She had taken her own life, unable to bear the pain of losing him.

And he never knew.

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