The Moon’s Wrath: How the Moon Destroyed Its Human Invaders

Luna City was the first and largest human settlement on the moon. It was built by a consortium of private corporations and governments, who saw the moon as a new frontier for exploration, exploitation, and expansion.

Luna City was a marvel of engineering and technology. It had a dome-shaped structure that covered an area of 10 square kilometers, and housed over 100,000 people. It had artificial gravity, atmosphere, and weather. It had skyscrapers, parks, malls, and stadiums. It had everything that a modern city on earth had, and more.

But Luna City also had a dark side. It was a hub of greed, corruption, and crime. It was ruled by a ruthless oligarchy of businessmen and politicians, who cared only about their profits and power. They exploited the moon's resources, such as water, minerals, and helium-3, without regard for the environment or the local inhabitants.

They also polluted the moon's surface with their waste, debris, and radiation. They dumped their garbage in craters, lakes, and valleys. They left behind their broken machines, rockets, and satellites. They leaked their toxic chemicals, gases, and fluids. They created a huge ecological mess that threatened the delicate balance of the lunar ecosystem.

The moon's native life forms, such as bacteria, fungi, and plants, were dying or mutating because of the human contamination. The moon's natural beauty, such as its craters, mountains, and seas, were losing their charm and color because of the human interference. The moon's ancient history, such as its rocks, fossils, and artifacts, were being erased or stolen because of the human greed.

The moon was crying for help, but no one was listening.

Until one day, the moon decided to fight back.

It started with a series of earthquakes that shook Luna City and its surroundings. The dome cracked, the buildings collapsed, and the people panicked. The earthquakes were followed by a series of volcanic eruptions that spewed lava and ash over the city. The dome melted, the streets burned, and the people suffocated.

The eruptions were followed by a series of meteor showers that bombarded the city with rocks and dust. The dome shattered, the vehicles crashed, and the people died.

The moon unleashed its fury on Luna City, and destroyed it in a matter of hours.

The survivors fled to their ships and rockets, hoping to escape to earth or other space stations. But they soon realized that they were trapped. The moon's gravity had increased significantly because of its seismic activity. The ships and rockets could not lift off or maneuver properly. They either crashed back to the surface or drifted into space.

The moon had locked them in its orbit.

The moon had taken its revenge.

The end.
Image credit: NASA

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