The Murder of Mr. Shah

Mr. Shah was a wealthy businessman who lived in a luxurious penthouse in Mumbai. He had a wife, Mrs. Shah, and a son, Raj, who was studying abroad. One night, Mr. Shah was found dead in his bedroom, stabbed multiple times in the chest. The police arrived at the scene and began their investigation.

The first suspect was Mrs. Shah, who claimed that she was out shopping with her friends when the murder happened. She said that she loved her husband and had no motive to kill him. However, the police found out that she had a secret lover, Ravi, who was also a business partner of Mr. Shah. Ravi had a history of fraud and embezzlement, and was in debt to some shady people. The police suspected that Mrs. Shah and Ravi had planned to kill Mr. Shah and inherit his fortune.

The second suspect was Raj, who had flown back from London the day before the murder. He said that he came to visit his father and patch up their strained relationship. He said that he stayed in a hotel near his father's penthouse and had an alibi for the night of the murder. However, the police found out that Raj had dropped out of college and was addicted to drugs. He had also been involved in some illegal activities and owed money to some dangerous people. The police suspected that Raj had killed his father to get his inheritance and pay off his debts.

The third suspect was Anil, who was Mr. Shah's personal assistant and confidant. He said that he was loyal to Mr. Shah and had no reason to harm him. He said that he left the penthouse after finishing his work and went home to his family. However, the police found out that Anil had been secretly stealing money from Mr. Shah's accounts and transferring them to offshore accounts. He had also been blackmailing Mr. Shah with some incriminating evidence of his illegal dealings. The police suspected that Anil had killed Mr. Shah to cover up his crimes and escape with the money.

The police interrogated the three suspects and searched their homes and offices for clues. They also examined the crime scene and collected forensic evidence. They found a bloody knife in the kitchen, a pair of gloves in the trash bin, a security camera footage of someone entering and leaving the penthouse, and a note on Mr. Shah's desk that read "I know what you did".

The police analyzed the evidence and came up with a shocking conclusion: none of the three suspects was the killer.

The real killer was someone else: Mr. Shah himself.

It turned out that Mr. Shah had staged his own death to escape from his enemies and start a new life somewhere else. He had hired a professional makeup artist to create fake wounds on his body and a fake blood expert to spray blood on the walls and floor. He had also hired a body double to play his corpse and a hacker to tamper with the security camera footage.

He had written the note on his desk to implicate his wife, son, and assistant, who he knew were all betraying him in some way or another. He had also planted the knife and gloves in the kitchen and trash bin to confuse the police.

He had then faked his death by taking a drug that slowed down his heartbeat and breathing, making him appear dead. He had arranged for an ambulance to take him away from the scene before the police arrived.

He had planned everything carefully and executed it flawlessly.

He had escaped from his old life and started a new one somewhere else.

He had gotten away with murder.

The END.
Image Credit: Hassan Rafhaan

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