The Perfect Crime: How a Bank Manager and a Gang of Robbers Fooled Everyone

Rajesh was the manager of the State Bank of India branch in Shaikpet, Telangana. He had a secret gambling addiction that had put him in a huge debt. He was desperate for money and willing to do anything to get out of his situation.

One day, he was approached by a gang of robbers who offered him a deal. They said they would rob his bank and give him a cut of the loot, if he helped them with the inside information and access. Rajesh agreed, thinking that this was his only chance to escape his debt.

The next day, the robbers came to the bank disguised as customers. Rajesh had given them the details of the security system, the vault code, and the staff schedule. He also made sure that the CCTV cameras were not working and the alarm was disabled.

The robbers waited for the right moment and then pulled out their guns. They ordered everyone to lie down on the floor and not to move. They took Rajesh as a hostage and dragged him to the vault. They opened the vault and filled their bags with cash and gold.

They then ran out of the bank and got into their getaway car. Rajesh pretended to be scared and begged them to let him go. They threw him out of the car and sped away.

Rajesh thought he had pulled off the perfect crime. He had hidden his share of the money in a locker in another bank. He planned to leave the country as soon as possible.

However, he did not know that one of the robbers was an undercover cop who had infiltrated the gang. The cop had recorded everything on his hidden camera and microphone. He had also alerted his team who were following the robbers.

The police soon caught up with the robbers and arrested them. They also recovered the stolen money and gold. They interrogated the robbers and found out about Rajesh's involvement.

They raided Rajesh's house and found evidence of his gambling addiction and debt. They also traced his locker and seized his share of the money.

Rajesh was arrested and charged with conspiracy, robbery, and fraud. He realized that he had made a terrible mistake and ruined his life.

He wished he had never met the robbers or agreed to their deal.

The end.
Image credit: Maxim Hopman

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