The Prank That Backfired

Raj and Ravi were best friends and classmates. They loved to play pranks on their teachers and fellow students. They were always looking for new ways to make fun of others and have a good laugh.

One day, they decided to prank their physics teacher, Mr. Sharma, who was very strict and boring. They knew that he hated rats, and had a phobia of them. They planned to buy a fake rat from a toy shop, and hide it in his desk drawer. They hoped that when he opened the drawer, he would scream and jump in fear, and they would capture his reaction on their phones.

They bought the fake rat, which looked very realistic and had a furry tail and red eyes. They sneaked into the staff room during the lunch break, and found Mr. Sharma's desk. They opened the drawer, and placed the fake rat inside. They closed the drawer carefully, and left the staff room. They waited outside the classroom, where Mr. Sharma was supposed to take the next period.

They saw him coming, and followed him into the classroom. They sat in the front row, and pretended to be attentive. They had their phones ready to record his reaction.

Mr. Sharma entered the classroom, and greeted the students. He walked towards his desk, and opened the drawer to take out his notes. As soon as he saw the fake rat, he screamed and jumped back in horror. He dropped his notes on the floor, and ran out of the classroom.

The students were stunned by his reaction. They looked at the drawer, and saw the fake rat lying there. They realized that it was a prank, and started laughing.

Raj and Ravi were overjoyed by their success. They high-fived each other, and checked their phones. They had recorded Mr. Sharma's scream and face, which was priceless. They decided to share the video with their friends, and post it on social media.

They thought they had pulled off the perfect prank, but they were wrong.

They did not know that Mr. Sharma had a heart condition, and that his scream had alerted the principal and other teachers. They rushed to his aid, and found him lying on the floor outside the classroom. He had suffered a heart attack, and was unconscious.

They called an ambulance, and took him to the hospital. They also checked the drawer, and found the fake rat. They realized that it was a prank gone wrong, and that Raj and Ravi were responsible for it.

They called their parents, and informed them about the incident. They also suspended them from school, and filed a complaint against them.

Raj and Ravi were shocked and scared by what had happened. They regretted their prank, and wished they could undo it. They apologized to Mr. Sharma's family, and prayed for his recovery.

They learned a hard lesson that day: Pranks are not always funny, and can have serious consequences.

The End.
Image credit: slyfox photography

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