The Ungrateful Snake and the Kind Farmer: A Moral Story

Once upon a time, there was a kind farmer who lived in a small village. He had a small piece of land where he grew crops and vegetables. He also had a few animals like cows, goats, and chickens.

One day, as he was walking back to his house after working in the field, he saw a snake lying on the road. The snake was injured and bleeding. The farmer felt sorry for the snake and decided to help it. He picked up the snake carefully and wrapped it in a cloth. He took it to his house and put it in a basket near the fireplace. He gave it some milk and herbs to heal its wounds.

The snake was grateful to the farmer for saving its life. It decided to stay with the farmer and protect him from any harm. The farmer was happy to have a new friend and treated the snake with kindness and respect.

The next day, the farmer went to the market to sell some of his produce. He left the snake in the basket and told it to guard his house. The snake agreed and curled up in the basket.

While the farmer was away, a thief came to his house. He saw the basket near the fireplace and thought that there might be something valuable inside. He opened the basket and saw the snake. He was scared and tried to run away, but the snake was faster. It bit the thief on his leg and made him fall down. The thief screamed in pain and begged for mercy.

The snake said, "You are a wicked man who tried to steal from my benefactor. You deserve to die for your crime." The snake was about to bite him again, but then it heard the farmer's voice outside.

The farmer had returned from the market and heard the thief's scream. He rushed inside his house and saw the scene. He was shocked and angry. He shouted at the snake, "How could you do this? I saved your life and gave you shelter, and this is how you repay me? You have bitten an innocent man who came to my house for help."

The snake was confused and said, "What do you mean? This is not an innocent man. This is a thief who tried to rob you. I bit him to protect you and your belongings."

The farmer said, "No, you are wrong. This is not a thief. This is my brother who came from another village to visit me. He opened the basket because he thought that I had kept a gift for him inside."

The snake realized its mistake and felt ashamed. It said, "I am sorry, I did not know that he was your brother. I acted on impulse and did not think before biting him. Please forgive me."

The farmer said, "I cannot forgive you for hurting my brother. You have betrayed my trust and kindness. You are a venomous creature who cannot change your nature. You must leave my house at once and never come back."

The snake said, "Please don't say that. I am truly sorry for what I did. I will never hurt anyone again. Please let me stay with you."

The farmer said, "No, you must go away. You are not welcome here anymore." He took a stick and chased the snake out of his house.

The snake left the house with a heavy heart. It realized that it had lost a good friend because of its rash action.

Moral: One should not act on impulse without thinking of the consequences. One should also be careful of whom they trust and befriend.

Image credit: Luca J

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