Farewell, My Children: A Heartbreaking Tale of a Dog and Her Puppies

Rani was a street dog who lived in a busy market in Cuddapah. She had four puppies who were her pride and joy. She loved them more than anything in the world and did everything she could to protect them from the dangers of the street.

One day, a kind woman named Lakshmi saw Rani and her puppies and decided to adopt them. She took them to her home, where they had a warm bed, plenty of food, and lots of love. Rani and her puppies were very happy and grateful to Lakshmi for giving them a new life.

But their happiness was short-lived. One by one, Rani's puppies started to fall sick. They had contracted a deadly virus from the street that had no cure. Lakshmi took them to the vet, but there was nothing he could do. He told Lakshmi that the puppies only had a few days left to live.

Lakshmi was heartbroken, but she did not give up hope. She decided to make the last days of the puppies as comfortable and joyful as possible. She bought them toys, treats, and clothes. She played with them, cuddled them, and sang to them. She told them stories about their mother's bravery and their father's loyalty.

Rani watched her puppies with a mix of pride and sorrow. She knew they were dying, but she also knew they were happy. She thanked Lakshmi for being so kind and generous to them. She told her puppies how much she loved them and how proud she was of them.

On the last day, Rani gathered her puppies around her and gave them each a gentle lick on their forehead. She told them not to be afraid, that they would soon be in a better place where there was no pain or suffering. She told them to wait for her there, that she would join them someday.

She watched as they closed their eyes and breathed their last breath. She felt a sharp pain in her chest as she realized they were gone. She let out a mournful howl that echoed through the house.

Lakshmi heard the howl and rushed to the room where Rani and her puppies were. She saw the lifeless bodies of the puppies and the tears in Rani's eyes. She hugged Rani and cried with her. She told her how sorry she was and how much she loved her.

She buried the puppies in her backyard and planted flowers on their graves. She made a small memorial for them with their names and pictures. She prayed for their souls and asked God to bless them.

She took care of Rani as best as she could, but Rani was never the same again. She lost her appetite, her energy, and her will to live. She spent most of her time lying on the bed where her puppies used to sleep, staring at their pictures on the wall.

One night, Rani had a dream. She saw her puppies running towards her in a green field full of flowers. They looked healthy, happy, and beautiful. They wagged their tails and licked her face. They told her how much they missed her and how much they wanted her to be with them.

Rani woke up from the dream with a smile on her face. She felt a warmth in her heart that she had not felt in a long time. She knew it was time to say goodbye.

She got up from the bed and walked to Lakshmi's room. She found Lakshmi sleeping peacefully on her bed. She jumped on the bed and snuggled next to Lakshmi. She licked Lakshmi's cheek and whispered "thank you" in her ear.

She closed her eyes and felt a gentle breeze on her fur. She heard her puppies calling her name from afar. She followed their voice and left this world behind.

She joined them in the field of flowers, where they welcomed her with joy and love.

They were finally together again.

The end.
Image credit: Reubx

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