Graveyard of the Living Dead: A Horror Story

Raj and Priya were best friends since childhood. They had gone to the same school, college, and now worked in the same company. They enjoyed each other's company and often hung out together. One night, they decided to go to a party at their colleague's house. They had a lot of fun, dancing, drinking, and chatting with their friends. They left the party around midnight, feeling happy and relaxed.

They got into Raj's car and drove towards their homes. Raj lived in Andheri and Priya lived in Bandra, so they usually took the Western Express Highway to reach their destinations. However, that night, they encountered a traffic jam on the highway due to some road work. Raj decided to take a detour and followed a sign that said "Shortcut to Bandra". He thought it would save them some time and hassle.

He turned left into a narrow road that was poorly lit and surrounded by trees. He drove for a few minutes, hoping to find another sign that would lead them back to the highway. But he soon realized that he had made a mistake. The road was getting darker and more deserted. He saw no other cars or people on the road. He felt a chill run down his spine as he noticed some strange shapes and shadows in the bushes.

"Raj, where are we?" Priya asked nervously. "This doesn't look like a shortcut."

"I don't know, Priya. I think I took the wrong turn. I'm sorry." Raj said, trying to sound calm.

He looked at his phone, hoping to use the GPS to find his way out. But he saw that there was no signal on his phone. He cursed under his breath.

"Maybe we should turn back." Priya suggested.

"Good idea." Raj agreed.

He slowed down and looked for a place to turn around. He saw a small opening on the right side of the road that looked like an entrance to a field or a park. He decided to use it as a U-turn.

He turned the steering wheel and drove into the opening. But as soon as he did, he regretted it. He realized that he had not entered a field or a park, but a graveyard.

He saw rows of tombstones and graves in front of him, illuminated by the moonlight. He felt a surge of fear and panic as he realized that he was trapped in a dead end.

"Raj, what are you doing? This is a graveyard!" Priya screamed.

"I know, I know! I'm sorry! I didn't see it!" Raj shouted back.

He tried to reverse his car, but it was too late. He heard a loud thud as his car hit something behind him. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw a large iron gate that had closed behind him. He had no idea how it had happened, but he knew that he was locked in.

He got out of his car and ran towards the gate, hoping to find a way to open it. But he found no handle or lock on the gate. It was just a solid metal barrier that blocked his exit.

He banged on the gate, shouting for help. But no one answered him. He looked around and saw that there was no one else in the graveyard. He was alone with Priya and the dead.

He felt a cold sweat on his forehead as he realized that he had no way out of this nightmare.

He ran back to his car, hoping to find another way out. But as he did, he heard a loud scream from Priya.

He turned around and saw her standing outside the car, pointing at something behind him.

He followed her gaze and saw something that made his blood run cold.

He saw a group of figures emerging from the graves, wearing shrouds and masks. They were holding axes, knives, and chainsaws in their hands. They were moving towards him and Priya with an evil grin on their faces.

They were not human.

They were zombies.

And they were hungry for flesh.

Raj felt paralyzed with terror as he realized that he had driven into a trap.

He had taken the wrong turn.

And now he was going to pay for it with his life.

The end. 
Image credit: fred

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