The Brave Girl Who Saved the Rainbow Bird from the Hunter’s Trap

Anya was a girl who loved to sing. She had a beautiful voice that made everyone happy. She always sang songs of joy and hope to her friends and family.

One day, she saw a bird flying in the sky. It was the most colorful bird she had ever seen. It had feathers of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. It looked like a rainbow with wings.

Anya was amazed by the bird and wanted to hear its song. She followed it to a nearby forest, where it landed on a branch. She called out to it, "Hello, rainbow bird! You are so pretty! Can you sing for me?"

The bird looked at her and said, "Hello, little girl! You are so kind! I can sing for you, but only if you promise me something."

"What is it?" Anya asked.

"You must promise me that you will never tell anyone about me or where I live. I am a very rare and special bird, and I don't want anyone to capture me or harm me. Do you understand?" the bird said.

"Yes, I understand. I promise I will keep your secret," Anya said.

"Very well. Then I will sing for you," the bird said.

The bird opened its beak and sang a song that was more beautiful than anything Anya had ever heard. It was a song of peace and harmony, of love and friendship, of beauty and wonder. It filled Anya's heart with joy and gratitude.

Anya thanked the bird for its song and said goodbye. She promised to visit it again soon.

She kept her promise and visited the bird every day. They became good friends and shared many stories and songs. Anya was very happy.

But one day, something terrible happened. A hunter came to the forest and saw the rainbow bird. He wanted to catch it and sell it for a lot of money. He set a trap for the bird and waited.

The next day, Anya came to the forest as usual. She called out to the bird, "Hello, rainbow bird! Where are you? I have come to see you!"

But there was no answer. She looked around and saw the trap. She saw the bird inside, struggling to get free.

She ran to the trap and tried to open it. But it was locked with a chain and a padlock. She didn't have the key.

She cried out, "Rainbow bird! I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! I should have never told anyone about you!"

The bird looked at her with sadness and said, "Don't blame yourself, little girl. You are not the one who did this. You are my friend, and I love you."

Anya hugged the bird and said, "I love you too, rainbow bird. Please don't give up hope. I will find a way to save you."

She looked around and saw the hunter hiding behind a tree. He was holding a gun and a key.

She decided to do something brave. She ran towards him and shouted, "Hey, you! Leave my friend alone! Give me the key!"

The hunter was surprised by her courage. He pointed his gun at her and said, "Get away from me, kid! This is none of your business! This bird is mine!"

Anya didn't stop. She kept running towards him. She said, "No! This bird is not yours! It belongs to the sky! It belongs to freedom! You have no right to take it away!"

The hunter was angry. He pulled the trigger.

But nothing happened.

He looked at his gun and saw that it was jammed.

He cursed and threw his gun away.

He reached for his knife.

But before he could use it, he heard a loud roar.

He turned around and saw a big bear coming out of the woods.

It was angry too.

It saw what he had done to the rainbow bird.

It didn't like it at all.

It charged at him with its claws and teeth.

The hunter screamed and ran away.

He dropped his key on the ground.

Anya picked up the key and ran back to the trap.

She unlocked it and freed the rainbow bird.

The bird flew out of the trap and landed on her shoulder.

It thanked her for saving its life.

It said, "You are very brave, little girl. You risked your life for me. You are a true friend."

Anya smiled and said, "You are welcome, rainbow bird. You are my friend too."

They hugged each other and said goodbye.

The bird flew away into the sky.

It left behind a trail of rainbow colors.

Anya watched it until it disappeared from sight.

She felt sad but also happy.

She knew she would never see the rainbow bird again.

But she also knew that it was free and safe.

And that it would always remember her.

She went back home with a smile on her face.

She sang a song of joy and hope.

The end.
Image credit: Trevor McKinnon

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