The Trouble with the Magic Pencil: How Raj Learned His Lesson

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Raj who loved to draw. He had a big box of crayons, but he always used his favorite one: a yellow pencil. He drew everything with his yellow pencil: animals, flowers, cars, houses, and even people. He liked to imagine that his drawings were real and that he could play with them.

One day, he found a strange pencil in his box. It was not yellow, but silver. It had a shiny tip and a star on the end. Raj wondered where it came from and what it could do. He decided to try it out and drew a picture of a dog on a piece of paper. As soon as he finished, the dog came to life and jumped off the paper. It wagged its tail and licked Raj's face.

Raj was amazed and delighted. He realized that the pencil was magic and that it could make anything he drew come true. He quickly drew more things: a ball, a kite, a bike, and a cake. All of them became real and Raj had fun playing with them. He felt like he was the happiest boy in the world.

But soon, he ran out of paper. He looked around for more things to draw on. He saw his school bag, his books, his clothes, and his walls. He thought that it would be fun to draw on them and make them more interesting. He took his magic pencil and started to scribble on everything he saw.

He drew stars on his bag, flowers on his books, stripes on his clothes, and animals on his walls. He did not care if he ruined them or made them dirty. He just wanted to have more fun with his magic pencil.

But then, something went wrong. The things he drew started to move and make noises. The stars on his bag twinkled and flew away. The flowers on his books grew and wilted. The stripes on his clothes changed colors and patterns. The animals on his walls roared and growled.

Raj was scared and confused. He did not know how to stop them or make them go away. He wished he had never found the magic pencil or drawn anything with it.

He ran to his mother and told her what happened. She was shocked and angry. She scolded him for being careless and irresponsible. She told him that he had to fix everything he had done and return the magic pencil to where he found it.

Raj felt sorry and ashamed. He realized that he had made a big mistake and that he had to correct it. He took the magic pencil and tried to erase everything he had drawn. But it did not work. The eraser was gone and the tip was dull.

He wondered what to do next. He thought hard and remembered something his teacher had told him in school: "Every action has a consequence." He understood that he had to face the consequences of his actions and find a way to undo them.

He decided to use his yellow pencil instead of the magic one. He drew another picture of each thing he had drawn with the magic pencil, but this time he added a big X over it. He hoped that this would cancel out the magic effect and make everything go back to normal.

He was right. As soon as he drew an X over something, it disappeared or changed back to its original state. The stars on his bag stopped twinkling and fell down. The flowers on his books shrunk and faded away. The stripes on his clothes turned back to their original colors and patterns. The animals on his walls became silent and still.

Raj felt relieved and happy. He had fixed everything he had done and learned his lesson. He thanked his yellow pencil for helping him out and put it back in his box.

He also found the silver pencil in his box and decided to get rid of it. He did not want to use it ever again or let anyone else use it either. He threw it in the trash bin outside his house.

He went back to his mother and apologized for what he had done. She hugged him and forgave him. She told him that she was proud of him for being honest and brave.

She also gave him a new pack of paper as a reward for solving his problem by himself.

Raj smiled and thanked her.

He opened the pack of paper and took out one sheet.

He picked up his yellow pencil again.

He started to draw another picture.

But this time, he did not wish for it to come true.

He just enjoyed drawing for its own sake.

The End.
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