The Unhappy Farmer: A Tale of Greed and Misery

Ramu was a farmer who had a large field of wheat. He worked hard to grow his crops and was happy with his harvest. He stored his wheat in a big barn and planned to sell it in the market.

One day, he heard that there was a famine in a nearby village. The people there were starving and had no food to eat. They begged for help from anyone who could spare some grain.

Ramu thought, "This is my chance to make more money. I can sell my wheat at a higher price to these desperate people. They will pay anything for a handful of grain."

He loaded his cart with wheat and drove to the village. He saw the people there looking weak and hungry. They had no hope or joy in their eyes.

He said to them, "I have come to help you. I have brought some wheat for you. But you have to pay me a good price for it. I will not give it for free or cheap."

The people were shocked and angry. They said, "How can you be so cruel and greedy? We are dying of hunger and you want to exploit us? Have you no heart or compassion?"

Ramu said, "I don't care about your plight. I only care about my profit. Take it or leave it."

The people had no choice but to buy his wheat. They gave him whatever they had: their money, their jewelry, their clothes, their utensils. They even sold their cattle and their land to him.

Ramu was very pleased with himself. He made a lot of money and became very rich. He bought more land and more cattle. He built a bigger barn and a bigger house. He thought he was the happiest man in the world.

But he was wrong.

He soon realized that his greed had made him lonely and hated. He had no friends or relatives who cared for him. He had no one to share his wealth or happiness with. He had only enemies who envied and despised him.

He also realized that his greed had made him restless and fearful. He was always worried about losing his money or his possessions. He was always afraid of thieves or robbers who might attack him. He had no peace or security in his life.

He regretted his actions and wished he could undo them. But it was too late.

He died alone and miserable in his big house.

The moral of the story is: Greed is the root of all evil. It makes us selfish and blind to the needs of others. It also makes us unhappy and insecure in the end.

The end.
Image credit: Rebecca Ritchie

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