The Wall of Blood: How Riya Disappeared into a Dark Dimension with Her Mysterious Master

Riya was a quiet child. She liked to spend hours in her room, drawing on the walls with crayons. Her parents thought it was a harmless hobby, until they noticed something strange. The drawings were not the usual childish scribbles of animals, flowers, or people. They were complex diagrams, symbols, and equations that looked like they belonged in a science textbook or a cult manual.

They asked Riya what she was drawing, but she would not answer. She would just stare at them with a blank expression, then turn back to the wall and resume her work. They tried to take away her crayons, but she would scream and cry until they gave them back. They tried to erase the drawings, but they would reappear the next day, even more elaborate and sinister.

They decided to take her to a psychologist, hoping to find out what was wrong with her. They made an appointment for the next week, and hoped for the best. But they never got the chance to go.

One night, they heard Riya talking in her room. They thought she was talking to herself, as she often did. But when they listened closer, they realized she was not alone. There was another voice in the room, a deep and raspy voice that sounded inhuman.

They rushed to her door and tried to open it, but it was locked. They banged on the door and shouted for Riya to let them in, but there was no response. They heard the voice say something in a language they did not understand, followed by Riya's voice saying "Yes, master". Then there was a loud bang, and silence.

They broke down the door and entered the room. What they saw made them scream in horror. The wall was covered in blood, and in the middle of it was a gaping hole that led to darkness. Riya was nowhere to be seen. The only thing left of her was a note on the floor, written in crayon:

"I have gone with him. He is my master. He showed me the truth. He loves me more than you ever did. Do not look for me. You will never find me."

The end.
Image credit: Vincent Tantardini

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