That girl from school | Part 1


There's a girl in school. I can't tell you much about her, Because she sits away from the rest of us and is quiet toooo

You know what I'm talking about, don't you? A kind of girl, always combing her and living in her world

The others avoid her, as though they don't see her and I do the same
Until one day....

I return to class after hours. I left my geometry box, and my expensive compass.

I see her sitting on the last bench. Her skin is very dark, and hair, but like a boy.

She looks at me and smiles.

All I say back is 'Hi, I'm searching for my geometry box'

She laughs 'I'll help you find it'

A few minutes later.
She talks from under the bench "Is this it?'

'Yes, I smile, Thank you so much'

And as she gives me the box, for a moment our hands touch. Her skin is warm and her nails dark too.

'Thank you for finding this. My mom would've got so mad if I had lost this one too.'

She laughs again, 'What does your mom do when she's angry?'

'She yells and sometimes hit me with a belt.'

'What does your mom do when she's angry?' I ask
'She keeps me in oven.' she replied.

I freeze. 'What?'

She laughs louder and repeats.'She keeps me in an oven and turns up the heat.'

I run back home and tell my parents
They say, 'Don't worry, we will call the police.'

I wait in my room and realize why her nails were so dark too.

A few moments later, my parents enter
'The police just spoke to the girl's mother. And?' I ask, 'What did she say?'

My parents take a deep breath 'That girl from your school died last May.'

I shiver.

'She died in a fire accident. Due to some shortage in voltage in oven.'

I run out of my house, my parents chase me. I run back to the school. And enter my class. She sits in last row and laugh really hard this time.

'You better run' she says 'you've made mother angry. And if she catches you, burns you, it's okay. I'll save you a spot beside me.' 

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