That girl from school | Part 2


Continuation of Part 1 :

Ever since that day at school, things have been a bit different.

I asked to change my class, and I started sleeping with my parents.

The worst part is nobody believes me. They say I have an overactive imagination because of how much I watch tv.

As for the girl in the last bench, I don't see her any more. I walk straight past her class, my head down & through the corridor.

And as soon as the bell rings, I run to the gate.

Then my parents pick me up, and drop me at my tuition place.

I never really needed tuition. It only started after I saw the girl at school.

I began staying home more, and refusing to attend class.

So, to compensate. I was kept in tuition afterhours. My tuition teacher taught trigonometry. He had a friendly smile, and always asked if we want coffee.

One day, the others don't attend. And he says, "Looks like it's just the two of us friend. "

I smile. So does he. "Would you like some coffee? "

He takes me to the kitchen, and accidentally spills some milk over the oven.

At first I don't realize it, instead I take a tissue and help him wipe it.

And then he says, "Oh dear, looks like it's gone inside. Can you bend and clean it? I have problems with my spine. "

I smile, again. So does he.

I keep my head and shoulders inside the oven and try to see.

The oven lights switch on. And it suddenly becomes so clear. Inside the oven, I see remnants of a finger.

Before I come out, I am thrown inside. The oven doors shut, the temperature slowly starts to rise. I scream, and kick the doors from the inside.

He turns towards the room, and calls his wife.

He says, " I've done it again, love. Will you bake him the same way you baked our child? "

-by Ashwath Sezhian 

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