Women in the window | Part 1


There is a room on the fifth floor. And in that room, sleeps a girl. Her parents sleep next door.

That room has a window. And every night as the girl sleeps, she notices a shadow. At first, it doesn't scare her.

But when the shadow starts knocking, she screams for her parents. They run inside, and switch on the lights.

"There's something against the window" she screams

" Again?'" asks the mother, "For the hundredth time. It's just the trees."

She sleeps with the light on that day. And for many days after that.

But on one night, when the rains were heavy and fell over the trees, her parents switched off the lights after she fell asleep.

She opens her eyes, and feels her heart race. It is pitch black. But against the window, is a woman's face.

She screams for her father, and her mother. And they run inside.

She yells, "I can see her. I can see her. Please switch on the lights."

Her father holds her by the wrist, and pulls her from the bed. They stand in front of the glass. "Can't you see, it's not another woman. It's your reflection instead.”

The girl feels like a fool. And she apologizes too. Her parents roll their eyes, and leave the room.

But when the lights switch off. And the girl turns around.

The reflection in the window, watches her as she lies down. And after the girl sleeps, there is a whisper in the room.

"If I'm your reflection. Then shouldn't you do everything I ask you to do?”

The girl doesn't scream. Instead, she says 'Yes'

"Good" says the shadow.

"Now jump out of the window."

The girl nods her head, and jumps from the fifth floor.

She is pronounced dead. And her parents are never the same again.

And after many years, the apartment finds another family. The room, with another guest.

This time it is a boy, and his bro.

And guess what they see, at night, outside the window?

-by Ashwath Sezhian

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