Women in the window | Part 2

Continuation of Women in the window | part 1:

A new family settled in the fifth floor after that. There is a room on the fifth floor. And in that room, sleep two boys. Their parents sleep next door.

And every night, as the boys fall sleep, the younger brother notices a face in the bedroom window.

He nudges his elder brother awake, and says,

'There's something watching us. Can you see if it's okay?'

The elder brother gets annoyed. He opens the window, and switches on the light

"You're watching your own reflection. It isn't rocket science. "

'No!' yells the other, 'It isn't just that. '

Then he screams for mum and dad.

They enter the room. And they say the same thing.

"If you close your eyes, so will your reflection. And then, you won't feel anything watching. "

So that's what he does. He shuts his eyes as soon as the lights are off. He thinks he is unwatched. But the reflection watches on from the glass.

One night, there is a knock on the glass. The elder brother wakes up silently, so he doesn't wake the younger one up.

He opens the window, and sees what's there. There's nothing but wind, and a few dogs barking ahead.

Suddenly, the younger brother opens his eyes. He sees a shadow smiling at him this time.

"You're not real, you're just a reflection" he whispers

'Then push me and let's see if you're right' the reflection answers

And in that room on the fifth floor. In the middle of all that darkness:- the younger brother pushes the elder out of the window.

The boy's skull smashes into hundred different pieces. And the younger brother is admitted into a mental institution.

The parents lost both their children that day. One to a tragedy, the other to insanity.

And like the last story, even they do not know about the haunting reflection, of the fifth floor window.

-by Ashwath Sezhian

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