Your love fuels my hatred ~ Chapter 1

“No!!!!!!!” I exclaimed.

“Come on Jace, this is the first time in months I see you and I only asked if you would like to have a few drinks with me tonight? What’s wrong with that?” Said William.

“A: You know I don’t drink, B: Nothing is as simple with you, and C: I’m not an idiot, I know what you're trying to do and like I said a million times before I’m not interested.” I said being very annoyed.

My name is Jason Hernandez and the person I’m trying to blow off is my best friend William Curtis, who’s trying to set me up with some chick. How do I know this because this is what he always does when I come to town.

“Look I know you don’t like drinking but I do and I don’t like drinking alone and I promise you I have nothing else planned but for us to have a few drinks.” He said

Really?” I questioned as I stared at him intensely

“Ummm... I swear this one’s different.” He mustered

“Yeah Get out.” I said as I was pointing at the door up but he pleaded.

“Actually I already told her that we’re on our way, like 15 minutes ago.” He said shamelessly.

“Why do you always do this to me... come on let’s get this over with.” I said

“I promise you won’t regret this.” He said with a goofy smile.

We made our way to this little bar called little Jerry’s and I regret every minute I sit here talking to this girl, ugh she’s so annoying.

“Anyway that was my first time drinking and my friend is still mad at me about her blouse, I definitely owe her a new one.” She said cheerfully.

“No way, that’s crazy.” I said not even paying attention.

“Yeah, oh that reminds me of this one time...”

I wish she would just stop talking and drink some more so she can get drunk and leave me alone, I thought. I started looking at the other side of the bar and I saw William chatting this girl's ear off, who obviously isn’t interested, it’s actually kinda funny.

“What’s so funny” she said

I was confused at first but I soon realized I let out a little chuckle so I said “Oh it was nothing.”

“Ok... so William tells me you're in the military.” she said

“Oh I just got out of the military.” I said while I was looking down at the table.

“So are you planning on going to school?” She asked

“I actually am but I don’t know what I’m going to study.” I said clearly uninterested

“Well you should start thinking because times a ticking, you don’t want to end up like my friend Sara who act...” she stop abruptly

“Excuse me” a voice said next to our table.

I looked up to see a waitress, who had a very tired look on her face. “Your friend over there is calling for you” she said as she pointed to William who looked absolutely plastered.

“Jace you stunning bastard come give me a kiss.” He said drunkenly as he puckered his lips.

Me and the waitress couldn’t help but chuckle. Her eyes quickly met mine and I noticed her blush a little bit. My date noticed and she really wasn’t happy about that.

“That sounds like your problem.” She said being very annoyed.

“But isn’t he your friend.” She asked

“He is but it’s your job to settle him down. Now if you don’t mind we were in a middle of a conversation.” She said

Well I’m not surprised, I knew she would be the type of girl to make a big deal out of things.

I stepped in and said “It’s ok Sara, we can try this another time.”

“My name isn’t you even know my name?” she said looking absolutely livid

Oh god, here we go. “Umm.. sure I do it’s umm.. Amy? I guessed

She just got up, grabbed her drink and began to pour it on top of my head. “My name is Racheal.” She said. She then stormed out of the bar.

I remember looking down, being soaked with alcohol and all of a sudden I hear uncontrollable laughter next to me. It was the waitress.

“I’m sorry, you have such a way with the ladies. She said while trying to control her laughter.

“You should really see me when I try” I chuckle.

Me and her eyes met again but she quickly turned and pointed to William, who was completely knocked out.

“Don’t worry I’ll get him.” I said as I began walking to him and picked him up.

“Wait I’m actually about to go home too, let me help you with him.” She said

“Oh don’t worry I got him” I assured her but she kept assisting to the point I didn’t even care.

She helped me carry him outside and it’s pouring rain. We quickly got to his car, I began searching his pockets for his keys but the waitress stopped me and said “aren’t those the keys.”

I looked through the window and saw them on the dashboard. That stupid fool I thought.

“That’s ok, I can give you a lift.” She said. I quickly tried to deny but she pointed out my lack of options so I had no choice but to accept her offer. I put him in the back seat and quickly hopped in the passenger seat.

She asked where I lived and I told her I live down the street and she started laughing and said “Wow so I really could have let you walk.”

“I told you that you didn’t have to drive us. I chuckled.

It got really quiet after that. I normally don’t mind it being quiet but for some reason it was bothering me. So I asked her for her name.

“Are you sure you're going to remember if I tell you?” She teased

“Oh ha ha. I sarcastically said.

“Name is Emily... Emily miles.” She said confidently. I was gonna ask her where she’s from but she interrupted me.

“We’re here... I think?” She said

“Thank you so much Emily. I don’t know how to repay you but I will somehow,I promise.” I said

“Umm how about a place to stay for tonight...” she said nervously

I was taken aback and I questioned why but she said the rain is pouring extremely hard and she could barely see the road while trying to make it to my place and she lives 30 minutes away.

“You don’t know us, we could be dangerous.” I said menacingly

“Oh believe me you or him need a lot more to take me down. She said mockingly.

Reluctantly I said yes and she helped me with William onto the couch. She asked where she was going to sleep. I walked her to my bed and pointed to it.

“Why didn’t you put Will here?” She asked

“He’s all wet and I’m not taking off his clothes.” I said

“What about you?” She asked

“I’m going to sleep on the floor in the living room.” I said

“Oh please don’t do that, I’ll sleep on the floor.” She pleaded

“Believe me i actually prefer the floor.” I said

“Why?” she asked

We just stared at each other for a little while, then I just told her not to worry about it. I turned to leave the room then she said, “Wait! Thank you so much.”

I turned and said “no problem” and quickly left the room.

I went to my spare closet and pulled out an old blanket and then I made my way to the living room where William is snoring up a storm.

“Idiot.” I said. As I took off my shirt and pants. I laid down on the cold floor but unfortunately I’m used to it. I started to close my eyes and for some reason I could only see Emily’s blushed face and I felt warm and happy, then I began to feel heat and anger, I opened my eyes and said “I hate you.”

Written by Imdumb

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